Brief description

Educational Module Modification - E.D.E. certificate for long-term care providers

Project objectives:

The aim of the project is to increase the prestige of educational activities in the international dimension of vocational training of managers in social services at European level, which is supported by the European Network for Aging (EAN) - the former European association of long-term care providers (EDE).

Current situation: Innovation of the current curriculum will also include a structure. The current structure of the educational program originated in the 1990s. It is divided into 9 modules with 600 full-time lessons and 200 lessons in other forms (E-learning). From the current point of view, it looks inflexible and is becoming obsolete. The current content does not reflect the current needs of the target group and demographic trends and challenges. Structural change consists in dividing the educational program into three levels. Content innovation will be based on an analysis of needs in the area of ​​executive education in social services in Europe.


The output of the project will be an innovated flexible training module that will be freely accessible on the basis of an open license and adapted to the needs of the target group of managers in the field of social services. The educational model will be prepared in the form of a curriculum with a detailed description of each module, including e-learning content. The expected range is 30-50 pages.


The new structure / curriculum will include:

  • creation and justification of training modules in relation to the current situation time / hour requirements
  • content of educational modules
  •  recommended forms of education
  • educational materials and tools

The new structure / curriculum will reflect the modular setting of the curriculum to 3 levels.

  • Basic Certificate - will be generally valid in all EAN member countries. Obtaining a basic certificate will be an "unbeatable minimum" for the management staff of residential social service facilities.
  • Enhanced Certificate - Education will consist of mandatory modules with country-specific content = focusing on what is important / different in the country; in what area it is important to systematically educate managers
  • Professional certificate - will represent an optional specialization enhancing professional skills of workers in specific areas of care for the elderly. The condition for obtaining the basic certificate will be universal for all interested parties. The educational framework for higher levels will be defined on the basis of the specific legal conditions and the social services system in the countries involved.

OBJECTIVES OF NATIONAL FOCUS GROUPS - will take place in parallel in the Czech Republic, Austria and Romania:

  • Focus Group 1: Analyze the current situation in the field of executive education in social services and needs in individual European countries. Generally suggest possible modifications of the current education system.
  • Focus Group 2: Compare current program settings to obtain E.D.E. (EAN) needs certificate, which is collected through the needs analysis within the 1st focus group and questionnaire survey. The questionnaire survey will be conducted in all EAN member countries, with the expected return of questionnaires from 15 European countries.
  • 3rd Focus Group: Define new educational themes and finalize the content of existing themes and E.D.E modules. (EAN) certificate.

Key questions to be answered during the 1st National Focus Group:

  • What qualifications and level of education should a manager have in a residential facility or in general in the management of a social service facility?
  • What knowledge and skills should a manager have in a residential facility or in general in the management of a social service facility?
The current conditions for obtaining the E.D.E (EAN) certificate are:

1. Successful completion of education according to the E.D.E. (EAN) at a European educational institution accredited by E.D.E. (EAN)

2. two years of experience as an assistant (management of residential services) or equivalent management experience or evidence of completion of comparable training (system of modules) as required by the national association and evidence of more than 2 years of management experience.

In your opinion, are these conditions sufficient? If not - how should they change?

Define the roles of the organizations listed below in the new modified education system. Who should be a facilitator? Who guarantees quality?

  1. EAN
  2. National Association
  3. individual educational institutions operating in the education sector.

It is E.D.E. curriculum (see "E.D.E. certificate for directors of residential care homes for the elderly") sufficient or concise?

If you consider it "sufficient":

Do you think some modules / themes are redundant and if so which one?

If you consider it "brief":

What is missing from the description of the current curriculum?

How detailed should the education plan be described?
How to divide modules / themes / content into 3 levels or modify them so that they can be divided into 3 levels below:

Basic certificate

Areas to be clarified:

  • What modules?
  • Number of hours?
  • Topics and compulsory full-time form of their completion?
  • Output form - eg. "minimum certificated manager"?
Advanced certificate

it will be adapted to national education needs. Areas to be clarified:

  • What modules?
  • Number of hours?
  • Topics and compulsory full-time form of their completion?
  • Output form?
Professional certificate - optional

Areas to be clarified:

  • What modules?
  • Number of hours?
  • Topics and compulsory full-time form of their completion?
  • Output form?

Why do you think the topics you mentioned in the previous question as the content of the Extended Certificate (ie country specific modules and topics) are important for managers of residential / social services facilities in your country? Justify your choice.

How to use new teaching methods in the modified education system eg E-learnig, E-book, Webinar, Google applications etc.?

What should the procedure look like when the manager has the current E.D.E. and decides to request a modified EAN certificate? Should we only offer these managers some updated version of the lessons? Describe your idea.


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